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Our Church


    Lattimore Baptist was started in 1891, after a collection of Baptist churches in the area, some of whom are still alive and well, saw the need for a Baptist church in the town of Lattimore. Three buildings and over a century later, we are still here and still focused on reaching those around us with the hope of the gospel, the promise of salvation, and the rewarding lifestyle of discipleship. 


    While who we were and how we came to be is an interesting tale, who we are today is much more relevant. Our membership well represents most generations and we offer something to benefit all ages. Our youth and children's programs are growing and exciting, under the direction of creative leaders. Our senior adult ministry (the happy hearts) is active. Our music ministry is talented and creates a worshipful environment. In short, we do all we can to create a place in which the people of Lattimore and surrounding communities can engage God meaningfully. 


    There is no such thing as the perfect church. Having said that, we are here to offer something for everyone. If you are looking for a place to worship, we strongly encourage you to give Lattimore Baptist a look!

What Will You Find at Lattimore Baptist?


  • Friendly People: We hope to build and maintain relationships that last.

  • Outreach: Of course, we want to grow as a church, but our hope is that we can transform our community as a whole, striving for something more. Should numerical growth come from that effort, then that'd be fine with us.

  • Education: We value intellect and the pursuit of knowledge. At LBC, you'll find informative discussions of relevant issues, indepth studies of the Bible, and challenging messages concerning living life as a disciple, or follower, of Jesus.

  • Missions: Through fundraisers, direct involvement, and prayer, LBC supports missions around the world. Locally, we support county-wide efforts to assist those in need and reach out to those in our own backyard when there is need. This is because we understand not only what Jesus said, but how he operated; meeting physical needs to open the door for spiritual change.

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